Cost for Pet Odor and Urine Removal Treatments?


Q:Cost for Pet Odor and Urine Treatments

A: Its very hard to give a price over the phone, we don’t want you to feel obligated. Some companies will give you a price in the general area of $29.00 per room for an enzyme topical treatment.  This really doesn’t work if the urine has penetrated deep into the fibers or penetrated the backing. For an enzyme treatment to work you’ll need more enzyme than urine, especially if you’re already smelling odors.  With 50% of our cases we find that the urine is in the padding 25% soaked into the sub flooring.  It also depends on the type of padding that you have installed.  Do you have a barrier or pet padding and was it installed correctly by adding a barrier between the seams of the padding? Lots of information will be needed so we can properly remove the odor.

Why is it so difficult to give me a price over the phone?

Q: I just want a price over the phone?

  1. We don’t know the size of your animal.
  2. We don’t know how many times your pet has urinated in a particular spot.
  3. We don’t know if the backing and or the padding in contaminated.
  4. We don’t know if the sub floor has been penetrated/contaminated.
  5. Cat’s urine is more concentrated than many other domestic species’ (including dogs) that takes special treatments.

A: To get you an accurate price we would need to do an in-home inspection by using a pet urine light and a moisture meter that detects moisture in your padding and sub floor. After we have assessed the situation, we could then give you an exact quote, and the process that best fits your situation, in the odor business theirs not a one size fits all, and with the wrong company you can make it worse even contaminate the surrounding floor.

What is Your Pet Odor Process?

Q: what is your process for cleaning pet urine and odor

A: We have 3 odor processes to choose from.

  • Phase 1 (Enzyme Treatment) – Only the carpet fibers have very old or is lightly soiled with urine that has not penetrated the carpet backing. This Phase is used in conjunction with our sub-floor method.
  • Phase 2 (Sub Floor Extraction & Rinsing) – This is for odor and urine spots that have penetrated the face fiber into the backing and slightly into the padding. This phase may also need an enzyme treatment after the sub floor extraction has been done to the front and back of your carpeted floors.
  • Phase 3 (Sub Floor, Enzyme, Pad Replacement, Sub Floor Sealed, Tack Strip Removal) – All of these processes may be implemented to properly remove all odors and urine because it has infected the carpet, padding and sub flooring.

Note:  Cat urine can begin at Phase 2 and can quickly move into Phase 3 due to their strong ammonia like odors.



Q:my home smells after a pet treatment!

After treatment and steam cleaning of the contaminated area during treatment and drying, odors will be noticeable  AT LEAST 24-72 hours to fully evaluate the impact of a treatment. Keep in mind, enzymes slower acting and continue for up to 2 weeks. Sub floor extraction with our oxidizer treatments have a more immediate impact. Significant improvement should be noticed immediately, but the full impact of the treatment may not be realized for 72 hours or up to two weeks. Please let your home air out!

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