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Carpet Repair & Stretching Specialist EdwardsvilleCarpet Repair & Stretching Service

Your local carpet repair & carpet stretching specialist. Re-stretching your carpet will remove wrinkles and bumps. We also replace broken or lose transition, tack strip carpet padding. Carpet Repair: bonded insert AKA (carpet Patching) may be needed if cat or dog ripped, clawed or chewed into your carpeted floor. X-Treme can re- install stretch repair and clean in the same day.

This is an easy task for Dave, he has 25 years experience in carpet repairs certified with the IICRC, but what makes us more valuable than a carpet installer is our specialty repair tools.

Our customers have asked us…Why do you have more tools then my installer?  Because we specialize in fixing residential carpet. We can repair the smallest hole with out making it bigger and more noticeable, better bonding to your carpet edges, with the new technology today most of the time you cant even see where we patched it. Carpet patching is a less expensive, great alternative than replacing your carpet. Don’t worry, we can repair it for a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement.

Carpet Repair Pet Damage

Pet damaged Carpet Repair

Pet damage to carpet fibers is what we repair best with a pet friendly service. Cats love carpets, we love our cats and X-Treme is very aware of how much unspeakable damage your pet can cause, our unique brand of service can save a lot of valuable time and not to mention the extra expense of buying new carpet for replacement.

Carpet Pad Replacement

Pad Replacement do to water or pet damage

Pad repair or replacement is needed when your pet has damaged the padding or your padding has water damage and needed to be removed and replaced.



Berber Carpet & Snag Repairs

Berber Carpet Repair

Your Berber carpet is part of your homes investment. If you’ve made it to our website, you’re probably pretty upset because you are being forced to spend time and money instead of doing something you would rather do.

Carpeting has many varieties and styles when it comes to maintaining their original beauty. Berber carpets major repair problems include the following: snags, dents, burns, and stains. We know those who are viewing our site has damaged Berber carpet probably don’t want to be reminded, but prevention is the best medicine. With that said, you didn’t come here to learn about prevention. You came to learn about who to call for your Berber carpet repair, so that’s what were here for! For a fraction of the cost of replacement .

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching Company

Carpet stretching is needed if you have ever seen ripples and waves. Ever wonder how on earth that happened? There’s a few reasons this might occur, carpet wear in traffic lanes, un-even sub floor, but more often than not, the Midwest area the temperatures fluctuate, your house will expand and shrink with the weather, your carpet over time will show carpet wrinkles. Some times it can be an  improperly installed by a contractor from not using a power stretcher. Not only are these ripples unattractive but over time they can become bigger, and dirtier and often become a tripping hazard. Let X-Treme carpet stretching save the day, possibly even preventing a lawsuit from happening, should someone trip and fall.


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We proudly offer our carpet stretching and carpet Repairs to: Madison County, St Clair, and Bond county of Illinois, and surrounding City’s of Glen Carbon, Belleville, Edwardsville, Maryville, Troy, highland, Lebanon, bethalto, Wood River, Roxana, Alton, Godfrey, Moro and Grafton we also offer our cleaning service the Metro-East portion of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area.