Upholstery Cleaning

cleaner upholstery with x-trme carpet cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning! 2 hour dry times!

X-Treme Upholstery Cleaning

Can give new life to your furniture. Your upholstery will last longer when it’s professionally cleaned more often. Our exclusive cleaning solution and powerful cleaning system restores your furniture to a beautiful feel and look you may have not thought possible. The dirt, dust, and other debris will be extracted out, leaving a clean, renewed soft surface.

We can use our specially formulated chemicals and uniquely designed equipment to clean any upholstered surface, from couches to loveseats, from recliners to dining room chairs, and even the upholstery in all your vehicles. We also clean futons and the mattresses on your beds.

I will take the time to determine the type of upholstery your furniture is made of and then use the appropriate cleaning method. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your upholstery dries (drying times vary depending upon fabric type).

9 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process.

  • Prepare the upholstery  area to be cleaned with a drop cloth so the surrounding area won’t get wet.
  • We Pre-Vacuum to remove dry soil to improve upholstery cleaning process.
  • We test all fabric for fiber type and color fastness to decide what cleaning method to use.
  • We can clean cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers we use different methods for each type of fabric.
  • We pre-spot spotted areas to remove stubborn spots that don’t respond to regular cleaning
  • Extract the soil with a fiber rinse to clean and rinse the fabric so it will not leave any residues.
  • Apply deodorizer to help eliminate bad odors.
  • Apply Scotchgard protector to protect the fabric from most soiling and many spills.
  • Speed drying with powerful air movers: in most cases, allowing your upholstery / furniture dry that same day.

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