Carpet Repair

Carpet Stretching Carpet Stretching

Have you ever seen ripples and waves in someone’s carpet and wondered how on earth that happened?  There’s a few reasons this might occur, carpet wear in traffic lanes, un-even sub floor, but more often than not, the Midwest area the  temperatures fluctuate, your house will expand and shrink with the weather, your carpet over time will show carpet wrinkles. Some times it can be an  improperly installed by a contractor from not using a power stretcher. Not only are these ripples unattractive but over time they can become bigger, and dirtier and often become a tripping hazard. Let X-Treme carpet stretching save the day and quite possibly even prevent a lawsuit from happening, should someone trip and fall and decide to sue you.


Carpet Repair Service

X-Treme can fix transitions, pad replacement, snags, if you need a carpet repair, We can fix it!

Seam RepairSeam Repair / Carpet Seaming:   X-Treme offers professional seam repair when your carpet seams are damaged, separating or needing to be cut to repair your carpet, or hard to get areas.We re-cut and redo seams as needed, often times even better than the original! 

Patches/Bonded Inserts: Does your carpet have spots that will not come clean? Or perhaps a carpet burn or hole in it? Maybe your dog or cat got looked in a room. Carpet patching is a less expensive,  great alternative then replacing your carpet. Don’t worry, we can repair it!  For a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement. Over 20 years experience in repairing carpet textiles certified with the IICRC. 

When you’ve got bad carpet, we’ve got the fix!